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Exerfly: Motorized flywheel based fitness trainer with Mobile app

Fitness is a growing industry with the global fitness space being valued at several billions of dollars. Technology is becoming an integral part of most fitness gear. The larger trend is also in innovating and adapting technologies to deliver customized fitness plans for individuals.

T4tech is a leader in this space, having experience and expertise in putting technology to work so that our users get unique, customized and targeted fitness benefits from their workouts.

Regular visitors to gyms are well-informed about how the various equipment available help one tone up, build, sustain and shape one’s muscles, body strength, fitness and looks.

However, the standard, off-the-shelf gym equipment do not sufficiently tone and build one’s body and muscles. Technology can bring the much-needed boost in such cases.

Fitness with flywheel

Rowing machine is one of the commonly used fitness equipment in the gym. The typical rowing machine is unique – compared to other equipment – in that it uses a fly wheel while you mimic the rowing motion. This technology has a few features that are unique and provides a range of workouts which weights and treadmills don’t.

  • Each user using the machine has a customized workout
  • The flywheel allows the user to burn far more calories in the same time period compared to other machines
  • A continuous electronic feedback is provided for every single pull or rowing action
  • It challenges, motivates and pushes the user throughout the work out session!

EXERFLY - the concept

Based on how the rowing machine works, T4tech had taken the basic fly wheel technology used in the rowing machine and enhanced it so the user can tone, build and train select muscles in the body with the Exerfly.

  • EXERFLY mimics the natural motion of the body and different muscles as the user would in a particular sport, game or competition.
  • Conventional weights simply cannot mimic this motion as they are not adaptable
  • EXERFLY provides adaptable, continuously changing resistance that the muscle can work against

Unique Benefits of EXERFLY Technology

EXERFLY allows its user to change, control, modulate and train the muscles to these varying factors

  • Speed: Adapts to the speed of the muscle movement
  • Resistance: The resistance used in the EXERFLY is a constant, but the speed of working out against the resistance changes the muscle action smoothly
  • Safe overloading: This is absolutely critical not to damage muscles during the workout.
  • Stiffness: The flywheel lowers stiffness once it starts rotating from the stationary position, but builds it back again before the next movement.
  • Force Absorption: The Flywheel is unique that the force the user spends is absorbed quickly, smoothly and evenly without jerky movements.
  • Isometric Phases: The muscles are activating or firing, but not stretching or shortening. This effect cannot be achieved from weights or other machines as efficiently.
  • Elastic Concentric Movements: Each and every cycle or movement using a flywheel is elastic and concentric. The muscle movements can be repeated smoothly and continuously.
  • Momentum driven: The Flywheel rotation creates the momentum that creates the constant resistance.
  • Adaptive: The resistance is a function of the inertia of the flywheel and the input force. The training can be adapted to the needs of the user.
  • Athletic: The athlete can determine whether to use it in the intense, intermediate or recovery modes (by using high, moderate or low input force).

The entire workout becomes demanding, engaging and strength building.

Muscles, Tendons and Ligaments all are engaged and active throughout the entire range of motion in each cycle.

EXERFLY: A flywheel technology on Steroids

What if one could push the flywheel technology further by another order of magnitude?


By adding motor-control and smart electronics to the flywheel.

  • Custom Motorized Control System (MCS)
  • The MCS provides controlled bursts of energy to the flywheel
  • Users get a much more intense workout which can be tuned to the user profile

That also includes

  • Electronic sensors like cadence for data collection and analysis
  • The display provides feedback to the user
  • Users can control the nature of the workout
  • Specific PWA  App for the front end
  • All data made available in the form of graphs via mobile app
  • Advanced analytics included

Details of the Technology

T4Tech have designed, built, tested and proved the EXERFLY system for a customized and heavy work out.

  • Sensors are built in to measure the Position and Speed of the flywheel.
  • Electric Motor attached to the Flywheel
  • Control System that predicts and provides customized boost to the flywheel speed.
  • Wireless interface to the mobile app
  • Customizable User Profile, Workout Profile and Workout Data
  • Secure HTTPS system that makes the WebApp very light
  • Option for both iOS and Android Devices

The Display in the App provides the following details for each workout and an average for the session.

  • Time
  • Energy
  • Speed
  • Torque
  • Force
  • Power
  • RPM
  • RFD (peak)
  • Concentric Power
  • Eccentric Power
  • Eccentric Overload (%)

Customized Development Options

T4tech follows a collaborative development process, customized for each business.

The development is broken down to smaller parts. Every phase of the development provides a working prototype. Clients can use and evaluate each prototype. Changes are mutually agreed upon and completed on schedule. The multi stage development process allows the user to test, feel, understand and customize the unit to their needs.

T4tech is a customized product development company and an innovator in the field of developing unique technology solutions for its customers.

We designed and built the electronics and control software for motorized Exerfly product which is now used by Olympians like Tim Walsh and 2020 World Series Major League Baseball champions the Los Angeles Dodgers.