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Prototype development services

We specialize in software and electronic prototype development for individuals and businesses. We work with you to make your idea into a working product.
We have over 15 years experience in electronics and software development and have worked with a wide range of industries like Fitness, Diary, Industrial automation, Horticulture & Startups

We are locally owned and do all our software and electronic design work in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Safety through a satellite

The Grassroots Major Category Award & Vodafone ICT Award

Quad Bike GPS Monitoring System

After seeing several fatalities reported on the news, our client decided to build a quad bike safety system that works through a satellite. The system was built ground up integrating different sensors with a state of art satelite modem. The bike is fitted with a tilt sensor and an SOS sensor, which is activated in an accident and a signal sent to a call centre in the North or South islands. The call centre has phone numbers to call and if they can’t reach a human they notify the ambulance service and give it the GPS information of the bike.

Lora long range sensors for farming

Battery powered ultra long range Lora radio network

Sensing temperature, soil moisture, humidity is critical for growing healthy crops and orchards, building sensors which can do just that without the hassle of having expensive infrastructure has been problematic. We have used battery powered Lora sensors for ranges spanning kilometers for collecting telemetry data from a range of sensors. Lora is a breakthrough technology which enables us to build low cost sensing networks which can span kilometers in remote areas where power and cellular network is inaccesible.

Automated animal weighing & recording system

Android front end with weighbridge and wireless animal tag reader integrated

Cattle weighing is a time intensive but critical part of the diary operation, the Automated animal weighing platform simplifies the task by automating the chores of weighing, animal identification and data analysis. This system was build for a local canterbury firm, the system is deployed and in operation in farms in NZ saving farmers time and effort. The system uses an Android user interface which integrates with RFID readers and weighbridge system.

Magnetic storm detection

Aurora prediction for science & photography

Auroras are a beautiful sight, but they are very elusive. Auroras are usually followed by magnetic disturbances, if we can measure the disturbances we can fairly predict if there is going to be an Aurora tonight. A dedicated professional photographer hired our services to build a sensitive magentic field measurement unit, which could measure minor fluctuations in the magnetic field. This unit was connected to the network and allowed for remote viewing of the data. Our client has made some inroads into predicting auroras with the instrument and is collaborating with universities to have more of these units deployed over a larger area.

Infrared sensing for health care

Networked realtime infrared steaming system

Healthcare requires round the clock patient monitoring, this is enabled by using a state of art Infrared sensing system. This system was built using a state of art mems sensor which was streaming data live over the network making the video accessible to medical staff anywhere. The system was built on a embedded linux platform which could support more than one infrared sensor.

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About Us

We are profession­al engineers who have 15+ years of industry experience in the areas of electronics, software and mobile systems. We also hold US patents in core networking technologies and worked with open and closed source systems, also contributed to the Linux kernel.

What we do:

We specialize in developing prototypes based on your requirements, be it for a startup which needs a low cost prototype for exploring the market or for an established business which needs a complete product to solve a problem. Clients come to us with a problem like this: “I want to control my farm’s irrigation from my mobile” or “I want to build a portable milk dispensing system which works with prepaid RFID cards” and we build a solution which solves the problem in cost-efficient manner.
We have strong expertise in Software development and ability to develop custom hardware to meet your needs. You can read more about our past projects to get an idea of the projects we work on.


Our Services

We design and develop Applications, Android apps and build complete products and solutions.
Our area of expertise span:

Windows, Linux, Android and Arduino based solutions

  • Interface with sensors
  • Data acquisition & loggers
  • Machine control
  • Automating mechanical systems
  • Expertise in Android development
  • Internet based IOT apps & PC based application development

Wireless systems

  • RFID, Near field communication (NFC), GSM, wifi, bluetooth, Zigbee, long range RF
  • Remote dataloggers for weather and other sensing applications

Web connected Devices

  • Web based monitoring and control
  • Real time sensor data visualization
  • GPS live data monitoring