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Automated truck weighing system: What is a truck weighing system:

Loaded truck being weighed on a weighbridge

Drivers need to know the weight of a truck for a variety of reasons.

  • Billing jobs based on weights
  • Roads have max weight limit, ensure the truck complies to it
  • Take loads under the certified limit

T4tech was requested to design an automated system which would simplify the process of truck weighing and make the process technology driven and saves the business time and resources.

What is the problem with existing solutions?

In order to understand the problem, it is important to know about the current system and what it lacks. 

The current system requires the driver to drive in with an empty truck and power it off. Then the driver has to take off and walk to a billing system that is often stationed a few feet from the weighing scale.

The system prints the weight of the truck on a thermal ink receipt that usually fades over time.

Once done, the driver has to drive back in with the load and repeat the process. A contractor has to perform this job several times in a day, which is both tiresome, monotonous and time consuming. At the end of the day, the driver ends up with a stash of receipts that needs to be categorized and handled to the book keeping staff. Missed receipts causes needless hassle and delays billing.

The process doesn’t stop here. The driver passes these receipts to an office bookkeeper who looks through them and manually decides which job it is assigned to and then creates an invoice for the customer. This process is laborious, not very efficient and has a long paper trail of receipts.

How Did T4tech Solve It?

T4tech took a creative technology based approach and created a WiFi based system that can be operated by the driver over his mobile.

Here’s how it works:

  • The driver drives in with an empty vehicle
  • He sits in his vehicle and uses his mobile to connect to the weighing system
  • He chooses a job from a list of jobs in the menu and assigns a weight to that job and drives away
  • He loads the truck, comes back, and repeats the process significantly reducing the time he spends on the weighing equipment
  • Once he is done with the job, the system generates an online invoice and sends it to the customer by email
  • There is no bookkeeping staff required and there are no thermal receipts to keep track of
  • The driver can email the documents to the required person where they will be kept safe and secure until deleted

What are the Features of the System?

Here are some main features of this system:

– WiFi Connection

It uses a WiFi connection to transmit information. Since all mobile devices use WiFi, data can be easily transferred without any problem. The range is pretty good and older mobile phones will also work seamlessly, making it the right option for all kinds of truck drivers.

– Solar Powered

The system runs on solar energy, which is good for the environment and helps the economy as well. It can be installed anywhere (even without any cell coverage).

– Permanent record

Unlike traditional receipts, there’s no risk of receipts getting torn or misplaced. The information is stored secured until deleted.

– Automatic

This is one of the major benefits of the system, it is fully automatic and the driver does not have to perform any action such as getting out of the truck. 

What are the Economic Benefits Of the System?

Here’s how this improved system form t4tech helps the economy:

  • Paperless process

Keeping track of paper receipts and managing them can be an issue. It adds to the cost and is difficult to maintain as well. This system fully eradicates the problem by digitizing receipts.

It not only help the business but also benefits the environment.

  • Saving Money

We already covered how the system removes the need for paper, which makes up a huge chunk of costs associated with the traditional system. However, this is not the only financial saving.

The system runs on solar energy, which reduces the need for electricity. As a result, you have to spend less money. This makes the system portable and can be setup in areas with no power.

  • Higher Productivity

It puts less pressure on the bookkeeping staff and keeps drivers happy. The system creates a nice streamlined system for tracking logistics. This increases productivity since drivers and other staff members also get to save time that can be used to perform other tasks.

  • Saving Time

The driver does not have to get out and walk to the system, thus saving time. Plus, it’s convenient as well.

T4tech continues to excel in the field by introducing concepts and technologies that help not just the individuals involved but the economy at large. Get in touch with us today to know more about how we could bring better efficiency and technology to help your business.