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Automated Truck Weighing System: Understanding Truck Weighing Systems

Loaded truck being weighed on a weighbridge

Drivers require knowledge of a truck’s weight for various reasons:

  • Billing jobs based on weights.
  • Ensuring compliance with road maximum weight limits.
  • Loading within certified limits.

T4tech was tasked with designing an automated system to streamline and use technology in the truck weighing process, saving businesses time and resources.

Challenges with Existing Solutions

To appreciate the innovation, it’s crucial to recognize the deficiencies of the current system:

Currently, drivers must enter with an empty truck, power it down, and walk to a billing station near the scale. The system issues a thermal ink receipt, which fades over time. The driver repeats this with a loaded truck. This repetitive, monotonous process consumes time and leaves drivers with receipts that must be organized and presented to bookkeeping staff. Lost receipts cause unnecessary complications and billing delays.

The driver hands these receipts to a bookkeeper who manually assigns them to jobs and generates invoices. This inefficient, labor-intensive process results in a lengthy paper trail.

T4tech’s Solution

T4tech adopted a technology-driven approach, creating a WiFi-based system operable via mobile by the driver.

Here’s the workflow:

  • The driver enters with an empty vehicle, remains seated, and connects to the weighing system via mobile.
  • The driver selects a job from the menu, assigns a weight, and departs.
  • After loading, the driver returns, repeats the process, and efficiently completes the job.
  • The system generates an online invoice, emailed directly to the customer, eliminating the need for bookkeeping staff and thermal receipts.
  • Documentation is emailed securely, maintained until deletion.

System Features

Key features include:

  • WiFi Connection: Ensures easy data transfer across all mobile devices.
  • Solar Powered: Environmentally friendly and economically beneficial, it requires no cell coverage.
  • Permanent Record: Secure storage mitigates the risk of lost or damaged receipts.
  • Automatic: Drivers remain in their trucks, streamlining the process.

Economic Benefits

This system enhances economic efficiency by:

  • Eliminating paper processes, reducing costs, and benefiting the environment.
  • Saving money through solar power, reducing electricity costs and enabling portability.
  • Increasing productivity by alleviating pressure on bookkeeping staff and improving driver satisfaction.
  • Saving time by allowing drivers to stay in their trucks, adding convenience.

T4tech continues to innovate, introducing technologies that benefit individuals and the broader economy. Contact us to explore how our solutions can enhance your business’s efficiency and technological integration.